Migraine headaches are caused by unusual activity in the brain that creates a tension in the brain and affects the nerves and the flow of blood. Symptoms of migraine headaches are unbearable throbbing and pulsing pain in the head, high sensitivity, vomiting, light-headedness and a faintish feeling. The usual causes of migraine headaches are stress, depression, anxiety and shock. There is no specific permanent treatment for migraine headaches but here are some remedies to try.

Managing Stress

Stress is strongly linked to migraine headaches because an increase in stress and depression is the common cause for migraine. Stress management and medications can help control migraine headaches. But it will not work out without proper rest and a healthy diet. A person having stress can try out simple stress relievers like meditation and exercising but it is best to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist to find necessary medications or he could consult an osteopath Nundah to help relieve stress.

Massage for the Body

Although massaging doesn’t directly treat migraine headaches it definitely reduces stress and anxiety. Therefore by either home massaging or osteopathy a person can help reduce the stress and tension levels and thus prevent migraine headaches. Massaging helps ease the tension in the muscles and enhances the flow of blood throughout the body which is the best way to reduce tension.

Balanced or Changed Diet

Some foods can also cause headaches like chocolate and wine. Therefore avoiding foods that trigger headaches can help in the prevention. There are also foods like citrus fruits that cause headaches for some people so it is important to check what you are eating and find out the foods that cause the headaches so that you can avoid it. It is also important to eat a well balanced diet and reduce the consumption of fatty foods. Also try to avoid fast foods and always eat on time. Skipping meals is bad for the health of the body.

Drink Lots of Water

It is necessary for the body to be hydrated to avoid headaches and other complications to one’s health therefore keep check of the amount of water you consume. Also eat food that are rich in water. Water is found to be a healthy remedy for the prevention of headaches and so prevents Migraines as well.

Use Cold Treatment

Placing something cold on the area of pain will help reduce the pain and decrease the suffering. Cold compressors help reduce inflammation in the area and significantly reduce migraine headaches and is a simple treatment.