Female reproductive health is an important concern for all females. Diseases of the reproductive system need to be checked and addressed in a timely manner. When puberty hits, this is a good time to start a routine practice to meet a reputed practitioner on female health to make sure there are no concerns.

A gynaecologist Werribee is a specialist doctor who carries out tests and addresses health needs of women when it comes to reproductive health. A visit to such a doctor is important to understand about adolescent sexual activity and how to stay safe, especially for young girls when they begin to mature in their late teens. Not only is this a safe option for young girls, many elderly women too rely on these specialised doctors for advice on hormone related treatment and how to deal with menopause.

A gyno routinely carries out examinations and tests on women to understand and treat cancers and many other disorders of this system. Two of the most popular examination carried out are pelvic and breast exams which help to treat cancers and other diseases early on. During a pelvic exam a specialist will examine the cervix of a woman through the use of a pap smear. This examination of cells microscopically can help determine if there are any threats of cancer. Apart from this additional tests may also be carried out by way of blood tests and tissue culture tests. Mammograms are also done routinely to check for any abnormalities of the breasts.

Though routine tests are recommended in older women, there are some concerns as to how often they should be conducted. A breast examination can help determine any potential cancer threats which can be easily treated if found at early stages. If any anomalies are found then doctors may recommend ultrasound scans and even breast biopsies to make sure. Obstetricians on the other hand focus on pregnancies and childbirth. They will help you throughout your pregnancy by carrying out routine measurements, scans and tests to check for the baby’s health and growth.

An Ob can also perform other tests to determine if any health conditions can harm the growing fetus, such as high blood pressure and genetic disorders to name a few. Providing recommendations and medicine to cope with difficult situations during pregnancy such as morning sickness and even heartburn is also part of their role. Since reproductive health and childbirth are connected, most women prefer visiting a Gyno who is also an Ob, which provides them with the best option to take care of their health and their expectant baby.

Apart from these a specialist in female reproductive health can also examine and treat sexually transmitted diseases as well. Therefore it is an important profession that takes care of some of the most important areas when it comes to women’s health.