The Different Types Of Doctors

There are a plethora of professions available in today’s world and this has made it now very difficult for teenagers to choose their field of interest and some even get confused and lost in the process. Even in the field of interest one could go into more specialization and more research in depth. Engineer, doctor, architect and lawyers are all professions that require one to go through a procedure to obtain these degrees. Some professions such as a painter and photography do not necessarily require a qualification and people can merely master this skill if they have the potential. There are so many levels of qualification from the diploma, degree, masters and the PhD and so many more.

The route to obtain ones bachelor of medicine to become a doctor is a defined route and one must first get selected by a university that caters for this and to get selected one must have some good high school or advanced level results. It is usually a 5 year degree and it requires a lot of commitment and dedication as this is a very serious profession that deals with the human life. After one gains ones MBBS (bachelor of medicine), one could specialize in any field on interest and this might take 2-3 years.

Apart from this one could become a dentist and this might take around 4 years and one could specialize further to become a professional orthodontics for adults or for children.

Orthodontist for adults and children mainly deal with the correction and prevention of misaligned teeth. One could also find dental surgeons who are specialized in surgery related to that of one’s teeth and the best way to improve your smile.

There are so many doctors that specialize in the heart and all of them have different functions. Cardiologist, Vascular surgeon, Electro physiologist and paediatric cardiologists are few of the main types of doctors that specialize in the heart and heart diseases.
Even the veteran is one types of a doctor that specializes in pets and animals and their course is somewhat different to that of normal doctors. To become a vet one must obtain a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and specialize in either becoming a surgeon or a normal physician and this might take around 6 years in total.

There are so many medical systems available in today’s society from Ayurveda, western medicine, eastern medicine and Chinese medicine and all of this have various courses to follow and are not the same. But the most popular type of degree doctors obtain is the one that related to western medicine.

How To Deal With Mental Illnesses?

Mental illness is a very serious medical problem that needs to be recognized; accepted and treated just you would deal with any other kind of medical condition. Sadly, most people do not take mental illness seriously when they themselves experience it nor do they pay much attention to it when a loved one is suffering from mental illness. Most often, someone suffering from mental illness will be too shy or afraid to open up about it and speak to someone about their feelings because it is a common situation where people with mental illness are brushed off and told to get over themselves. If you are a victim of mental illness yourself, it is important to speak to someone you love and trust in the hope that they will help you, however, even in the case that they do not help you, it is important to stay strong and seek out professional help because in most cases, mental illness will only get worse and not better without professional help.

Helping a loved one to cope

If you have a loved one who you suspect is suffering from mental illness or who has recently told you that they are suffering from mental illness, it is important that you accept and understand their problem after which it is vital that you take them to see a professional psychologist. There are many things that you can do in the meanwhile to help your friend to cope as assuring them that you understand how they feel and telling them that seeking help will make them feel better soon.

At first you may find that you are confused about whether to take your friend to a psychiatrist or a psychologist as most people do not know the difference between the two professions. The truth is that there is a difference. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor like any other doctor who has been trained in medical school about mental illness while the latter will have a degree in a related field however will not be recognized as a doctor and therefore will not be able to prescribe any kind of medication.

If you suspect that your friends issue is serious, then it is advisable to take them directly to a psychiatrist who will be able to treat the illness correctly with the right kinds of medication. One important piece of advice e that you can give your friend is to write in a journal and you can even help them to join a support group.